“The Thing I Couldn’t STAND About Modesty Talks!”

Dressing modestly is not about, first and foremost “MEN-ARE-VISUAL-CREATURES-SO-COVER-UP” … no…

This kind of thinking, in all cultures and walks of life, is exactly what leads to the Sharia law.

It is what leads women to not see their bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit, as created by God for a beautiful purpose, as something that has dignity and deserves respect.

Also, these same sources that claim men are more visual (which, yes, men are aroused more by vision than most women) also claim that women are not aroused by vision. If you take a look at the secular world it proves this theory to be incorrect as well.

Biologically, Scientifically, men are aroused by their sight more often than not. Women are usually aroused more by what they hear. But as mentioned before; this is not the sole reason for modesty and it does NOT mean that men are excused from dressing modestly either.

Dressing Modestly (AKA, Classy) is, first and foremost that WE are created in the image and likeness of God (as are men), and as temples of the Holy Spirit, dressing CLASSY gives ourselves the respect we deserve! This, in turn, aids others, women, and men, to do the same and also treat US with more respect.

There is quite a bit more about this to be spoken of but for now, enjoy this video and go give her a thumbs up!

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