“Why I Started Dressing Modestly at 18”

 From a lovely blogger over at diamondstakingshapestyle.blogspot.com

It’s quite obvious from this blog that I try to dress modestly. However, I haven’t explained why I do it. Here are a few basic reasons and benefits for why I wear modest clothes.


Imma just say it like it is sooo…. A few years ago, I went through a mini-conversion. By the grace of God, (seriously, it was a miracle) I decided to fully embrace the Traditional Catholic Faith. I chose to accept all of the teachings of the Catholic Church. This includes the teachings on purity and modesty. One must avoid sins of impurity and occasion of sins that lead to impurity to maintain their soul in the state of grace. And dressing immodestly causes good men to struggle to maintain their purity. If they do not try to be good men, it causes them to sin against purity. Yeah…that’s it. Purity and charity towards our neighbour.

I wish I could say “I dress modestly because it empowers me as a woman!”. Truthfully, I dress modestly to follow the Will of God and so that I can go to Heaven. Heaven is certainly my ultimate goal. I’m obviously not perfect, so I do struggle to follow the Will of God. I even struggle to dress perfectly modest (since I don’t like looking like a grandma). I’m still trying though.

I Used to Wear Immodest Clothing

This blog post probably won’t convince you of anything, but back then nothing convinced me either. When I was a teenager, I wore immodest clothes; yoga pants, short skirts, tight shirts, (not tank tops though because I have chubby arms lol), etc… Did I know I was doing wrong? Yes.

I would wear modest clothing for mass because that’s what everyone at church did. As soon as I would get home or go to a restaurant after mass, I would change into my skinny jeans. I knew that the people who desired to please God dressed modestly. Plus my dad wanted me to wear the modest clothes.

So why did I wear immodest clothes? Simple, for attention and to fit in. I would go out of my way to wear clothing that was uncomfortable and revealing just to look attractive. I find that not many girls are willing to admit to this, but I would wear immodest clothes to feel pretty and get attention from guys. Did it work? In a way, yes. I attracted lots of creepy creepers. I saw a big change in the type of men that I would attract when I would dress immodestly compared to when I wear modest clothes. Just think of attracting a druggie that yells “Do you have a boyfriend?” from 15 ft away vs. attracting a handsome young man who looks into your eyes and smiles at every word you say (he was cute, I should’ve asked for his name…)


So another main reason for dressing modestly is the respect I receive from others and the respect I give myself.

Ever since I have started wearing less revealing clothing, I have gotten less creepy comments. People see me more as a person than as an object. And yes, creepy catcalls have practically disappeared. I barely get disrespected anymore. This is a pretty big claim, I know. But I can feel a significant difference.

Instead of attracting people by the trendy clothes I wear or by how much of my body I show off, I now capture people by my personality. Actually, not just by my personality, but also by my character. People are able to see that there is more depth to me and I value my dignity.

Following the Will of God

How do I know dressing modestly is the Will of God? Well, God has given us a perfect example. The Mother of God. In all of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, She is seen wearing a head covering and a floor length dress.

Obviously, we are not expected to dress entirely like that but we are expected to maintain our dignity and refrain from being an occasion of sin. Our Lady of Fatima has warned us in 1917 that “Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much.”

If you would like to learn more about why we should dress more modestly for God, check out this Modesty in Dress pamphlet by The Fatima Center.

Also, a good Catholic book on dressing modestly is Dressing with Dignity📷 by fellow Catholic, Colleen Hammond.

Is it difficult?

I don’t wanna scare you, but I will say changing your whole wardrobe to dress modestly is not easy. There are many challenges that will arise when trying to become modest. For example, it will be hard to buy cute clothes that are modest, to find modest pieces at the mall, to explain how you are not Pentecostal, to not look like a grandma, etc…

People around you will notice that you are dressing differently, especially if you have two sisters doing the same. Keep in mind to stick to what you believe and that the opinions of others are worth nothing in comparison to God’s opinion.

With time and by the grace of God all of this will come easily. Just remember to pray, never give up and to challenge yourself. There are many blogs and shops that specialize in modesty. Hey! that’s why I’m here.

It is possible to still look attractive and remain modest. In fact, I have a guy friend (he really loves God, I mean he prays the rosary three times a day) that told me that he really appreciates being able to speak to a woman comfortably without any temptations in the way.

And these, my fellow friends, are some of the reasons I dress modestly. Let me know what your opinions are on this subject in the comments down below. I feel like I will make another post on this subject because there is so much more I can say.

– Beverly 💗

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