10 Reasons Why I love Modesty

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Sitting here in the glorious sun today I was thinking of all the reasons I love modesty. It’s been 17 odd years since I’ve switched to skirts/dresses only and still today I enjoy pondering what it has done for my life.

Here is a short list of some of my reasons:

  1. It helps me feel feminine even when I look more like a clumsy tomboy.
  2. It helps cover my plus size, in a way that is becoming.
  3. It helps me understand the beauty that God has placed in women.
  4. It has helped to calm my stubbornness and find the quietness in my soul. 
  5. It has helped me to look nice, when before all I wanted to do was wear jogging pants.
  6. It has helped me feel nice even when uncomfortable, sick, or even tired.
  7. It has helped my spiritual growth, making me open to God’s proddings.
  8. It has helped me dress in fun colors and styles, forgetting about the fashion push for immodest trends.
  9. It has helped me see God’s plan for women and to love my vocation more.
  10. It has given me hope that I have done what God has asked all of us to do.

– by Rita Davidson

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