Where to find Modest Clothing


* = inexpensive options


These are the best places to find skirts!

My favorite is Savers / Value Village – even though I am plus size, I found most of my clothing there!


Being plus size, I find it really difficult to find clothing that actually fit, or doesn’t look like a potato sack. My little sister, who is a size 4, also has trouble finding clothes that she wouldn’t have to add to, to make it modest.

The stores we usually shop at are:

JCPenny, Ocean State Job Lot,

So here are a few tips that we both use,when shopping at regular stores:

  1. Too short?

This is usually what happens to my sister: everything may FIT, but when she tries it on its way too short.


You can either find one you can use at a secondhand store, or you can buy one of these:

DIY options:

2. Low Cut?

Layering tees, mock camis, high lace bralettes, and layering tank tops are your friends 🙂

Modest Clothing Shops / Shops that have Modest Clothing Available


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