Letter of His Eminence, Cardinal Dubois, against immodest dances, 1920

Yesterday morning [Sunday, December 19, 1920] was read from the pulpit in every church in the diocese, the following warning of the new archbishop of Paris, “against indecent modes and unseemly dances.”

On several occasions, our venerated predecessor, Cardinal Amette, reminded women and Christian girls duty that is imposed on them to abstain from indecent modes and unseemly dances.

We maintain and make Ours warnings and defenses of our venerated predecessor.

We urge our diocesan react against the opposing modes to Christian decency.

We recall that conscious women and Christian girls can not, under any pretext whatsoever, to participate in improper dances, most name and exotic origin.

Confessors are reminded they must apply on these points as on all others, the rules of moral theology.

We trust that women and Christian girls from Our diocese, which we know the spirit of faith, piety and docility, have at heart to give good example everywhere.


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