A serious call of the Bishops of Belgium on indecent fashions, 1925

Translated from its original french


The Catholic Tunisia , October 11, 1925, p. 750 -752

Just a few weeks into our 3o August issue [in 1925] we reproduced the letter M grBesson, bishop of Lausanne, on the scandal of current fashions.

We reproduce today this truly moving Collective letter of the bishops of Belgium:

Christian mothers, we come to you with confidence. You will not refuse your competition.

On several occasions, we recalled the laws of Christian modesty and we had the consolation to note that within the churches, at least, and the communion rail, your girls and you yourselves you have remembered the dignity of your baptism and the respect due to the majesty of God.

Even in the house of God, however, all is not perfect yet, and we order MM. priests keep all the warning was posted there and reproduced here:

Out of respect for God’s house, the ladies and girls are requested not to attend the church in uplink and closed dress with sleeves down below the elbow.

People who are not well dressed are asked not to approach the communion rail.

We beg mothers to accustom their children from a young age to modesty and respect for Christian dignity.

It is on young children we now call your particular attention.

You have a moral duty to raise them and maintain them in modesty. You have to dress them with reserve and in particular require that the dresses of your girls cover their arms and down below their knees.

We urge the directors of the schools and Catholic schools to inform parents that requirement and display in visiting rooms where families received.

Saint Paul, writing to Timothy about preaching the Gospel morality, said to him:

Circumstances arise where the faithful will hardly support the language of the purity of the Gospel; they will like better consult their desires and listen to teachers who flatter. But you said the great Apostle to his disciple , be careful anyway, do your duty to herald the Gospel; preach the word of God, insist there-about and irrelevant, demonstrates beseech, rebuke, have used all the resources of patience and your apostolic teaching.

Christian mothers, on other occasions, we tried to voice our faithful people, with supporting evidence, the requirements of Christian modesty; we rebuked those that are missing.

Today, docile to the exhortations of the great Apostle, we gladly take the focus of prayer and we beg you to think of your responsibilities as Christian mothers; do not disdain to listen with filial respect the authoritative word of your bishops.

At stake is the future of your children, there is recovery of morality in our country.

A vigorous reform in the education of young children prepare for others, in the same order for the purity of your home and the consolidation of public morals.

Christian mothers, directors and educators of children, we thank you in advance for your support and dedicated we pray God to spread on your homes.

+ Désiré Joseph Cardinal MERCIER. Archbishop Mechelen. ;

+ GUSTAVE, Bishop Bruges. ;

+ THOMAS LOUIS, Bishop Namur. ;

+ MARTIN-HUBERT, . Bishop Liege Eupen-Malmédy ;

+ ÉMILE JOHN, Bishop Ghent. ;

+ GASTON ANTOINE, Bishop of Tournai.

Cover photo: Cardinal Désiré Joseph Mercier / findagrave / https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/125940892/d_sir_-mercier

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