Letter on immodesty of fashion – by mandate of Pope Pius XII

Letter on immodesty of fashion,   written by Cardinal Ciriaci, Prefect of the SC of the Council addressed 15 August 1954 to bishops around the world, in the name and by mandate of Pope Pius XII

Everyone knows that during the summer especially , we see here and there, things that can not fail to offend the eyes and souls of those who do not take second place or do not completely despise Christian virtue and human decency. Not only on the beaches or in the resorts , but almost everywhere , even in the streets of towns and villages, in private and public places , and often almost in temples consecrated to God , spreads unworthy and unseemly fashion apparel … in particular, women’s clothing are sometimes as they seem to favor rather immorality that modesty .

It has come to the point that everything that happens or is exhibited in private life or in public, actually depravity or of dishonesty , is narrated brazenly in the newspapers, publications and magazines of all kinds ; while in the countless theaters that are exposed for all to see on the screen; so that not only the weak and carefree youth, but middle age itself are deeply impressed by these immoral shows , bad for healthy minds. WHAT HURTS ARISING THEREFROM, TO WHAT THEY EXHIBIT HAZARDS, IT IS IN PERSON DOES RENDE ACCOUNT “.

Having served as nuncio to Portugal, as per was the custom, Pope Pius XII created him Cardinal-Priest of Santa Prassede in the consistory of 12 January 1953. Ciriaci was made Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Council on 20 March 1954, and President of the Pontifical Commission for the Interpretation of the Code of Canon Law on 31 May 1955.

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