Against Pagan Fashions, Mgr Villeneuve

Loosely translated by google translate. See original, in French, here.

His Eminence reminded earnestly to all the faithful the serious obligation to protect Christian morals among us.

To this end the cardinal ordered the mothers to cultivate modesty in children, and to inculcate habits of piety and modesty that strengthen in them the precious virtue of purity, condition of all human dignity and bulwark of the family.

It goes without saying that all Christians should fight against the invasion of suggestive fashions and immoral liberties.

It should be noted that conscripts clothing shorts are not permitted by the Christian decency (1) even for places of entertainment.

* * *

Dear Priests will leave the point enter churches persons shall not be dressed appropriately.

Those sleeveless dresses, too open or too shortened, must assume a mantle before crossing the threshold of our temples.

Since, according to the Apostle Paul, in churches women should not be bareheaded, they should wear a hat or veil that covers their head really. A single flower or a headband is not enough.

June 27, 1945.


(1) Synod of Quebec (1940), Decree 102, notes: “What if we ask what is a modest and decent outfit for a Christian, it is understood that this is the one that covers the chest and arms non-transparent fabrics, coming down at least mid-leg, and whose cup a suitable extent protects modesty hiding body lines “(Cardinal Rouleau, December 8, 1930 . Mandements of Bishops of Quebec , vol. XIII, Supplement 45 [in fact: 36]).


J.-M.-Rodrigue Cardinal Villeneuve, omi , “Against the pagan ways” in Circular clergy, No. 100, December 31, 1945; appeared in: Mandements, pastoral letters and circulars of Quebec Bishops , Volume 17, 1943-1954, Chancellor of the Archdiocese, Quebec, 1955, p. 196 -197

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