Do you not consider how great a sin it is to introduce a harmful fashion? – St. Bernadine quotes

‘Do you not consider how great a sin it is to introduce a harmful fashion? And once being known, what should be done to those who follow it? Some tailor perchance hath been the cause of a very grave sin. And of a very grievous injury to a city because of the harmful fashion he doth bring in there; and we should punish him as an example to all, so that this might be remembered forever.’

‘Some women there are as well who have as many heads as the devil; every day they put on a new head. The devil hath seven, and there are women here who have even more. For these last fifteen years I recall so many kinds of headdress, so many fashions, that I stand agape. For in truth you have wandered farther astray than I could ever have believed possible. Away with them, in the name of God!’

‘The outside doth show that which there is within. By the exterior may the interior be known. To this same purpose: I would say, that the woman who doth wear meretricious garments, I know not how she may be within, but from the outside I seem to detect evil signs.

To me it seemeth that thou art a _______ , I will not say it, but thou dost understand me well. Hast thou the hardihood to wear them, thou little fool? Hast thou no self-respect?

But O thou, Mother or Father, how cometh it that thou dost permit her or make her to wear them? Knowest thou not that this is not the dress of women, but of harlots? I would say to thee, O maid, or woman, who dost wear such garments, that thou dost appear to be a harlot: I say not that thou art a harlot, but I say that such thou dost seem to be in thy dishonest bearing.’

St. Bernadine of Siena

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