Modesty in Dress is Necessary for Catholic Ladies, Mgr Monaco La Valletta

Original French Article

We call the attention of Catholic ladies on the following instructions that His Eminence Cardinal Monaco La Valletta, vicar of His Holiness, just released for their guidance.:

I. – They do propose, as adornment, as honest and legitimate purposes that can make the action not only permitted but even meritorious of eternal life, and never mundane views and vanity, as if it was to attract attention of others, humiliate others, outdo, outshine them.

II. – That they have great care of modesty and decency in their dress, principal ornament of the Catholic woman, and they will never allow themselves, for any reason, or the example of some, the usually another or the universal custom to admit their clothing single thing that is opposed to these virtues, always remembering that it is God and not to the world that they will have to account for their actions.

III. – That they also keep simplicity, abhorred the excesses of luxury, and they are happy to dress in relation to the condition of existence where God has placed them, without seeking a pretext to abound in unnecessary pumps .

IV. – When they go to church, and especially when they approach the sacraments, they dress without looking, knowing that in the House of God, worldly pump is prohibited.

V – Whether they fix each year without ever exceed the amount to which they are confined to the toilet charges, according to their condition and their financial means.

VI. – They do not forget the obligation imposed by the Gospel, for the alms, and they strive to have that surplus, which belongs to the poor, removing any luxury item.

VII – Whether they never incur debts to the toilet, but they do and they keep energy with the firm purpose of punctually pay their bills.

VIII. – Whether working with all their might, with gentle hints and especially by example, so that these rules are observed.

That all Catholic women remember that they can live according to the maxim of the Holy Gospel, or to comply with paternal intentions of the Holy Father Pius IX and Leo XIII, not be based assiduous performance of religious duties; so that each, in particular, make use of the following daily practices:

1 the Mass;

2. The meditation;

3. examination of conscience;

4th visit to the Most Blessed Sacrament;

5. the family Rosary;

6. spiritual reading;

7 ° attendance Sacraments. .

Thus fortified by the all-powerful divine grace obtained through prayer, they carefully apply to assure themselves eternal salvation, and shall cooperate to that of others, modeled on the strong woman portrayed in the scriptures, to get stronger against the seductive charms of luxury, the great plague of the company; strong against the terrible tyranny of human respect.

Rome Vicariate in the 1 st July 1878.

RAFFAELE Cardinal Vicaire.


Annals Catholic , Volume 25 th Collection, Volume 3, Paris, July-September 1878, p. 305 -307.

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