St. Frances of Rome Saw the Tortures the Impure Souls Endured in Hell

In the life of Saint Frances of Rome, we read of a vision of Hell which was granted her, and which lasted for four hours.  God willed to show her, in the fires of Hell, certain ladies whom she had known in Roman society.  For what sins had these souls been damned?  They had been damned:

for guilty desires, even though these had not been put into act.

for indecent styles of dress, which were the fashion of the day, and which had been a cause of seduction and of sin.

for dances, considered inoffensive by the world.

This vision of Hell so marked Saint Frances of Rome, that she had it painted on the murals of her chapel, as a constant reminder of the judgments of God.  God then gave her the mission of drawing the Roman ladies out of their luxury and their vanity.

Following the visit in Hell, she wrote a book where she recounts what she saw. This treatise gives us much information about hell. Here are excerpts from Chapter II, titled, “Tortures exercised on nine kinds of sinners” :

Torture of those who have offended nature by their impurities

Frances saw in hell’s lowest and most horrible section men and women who were submitted to horrible tortures. The demons who were their torturers would have them sit on steel bars, reddened by fire that penetrated their body lengthwise and exited through the top of the head. Whole one demon fulled the bar out and inserted it anew, other demons using burning snips cut through their fresh from head to toe. These tortures were unceasing, not to mention other treatments such as fire, freezing cold, deep darkness, blasphemies and gnashing of teeth.

An excerpt from Catholic Magazine, “MICHAEL”. Article titled, “Hell is real and the Damned will suffer for all of Eternity” page 16, January/February 2018 issue. No. 398

Note: not affiliated with MICHAEL.

PRAY! Pray for the souls who have no one to pray for them! The world is saturated in impurity of the most diabolical! Blessed Mother, cover us with your mantle!

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