Catholic Magazine Publishes Benedict XV on Indecent Fashions

A Catholic Magazine titled, “Our Young People” published a part of Pope Benedict XV’s Allocution, “Sono Avventurati” titled, “Allocution sur la mission de la femme dans la société” first published in French, in Actes de Benoît XV, tome II, Maison de la Bonne Presse, Paris, 1926, p. 69-70.

A larger part of the loosely translated text can be found here.

“‘We rejoice at the resolution which has been formulated that Catholic women, in addition to being modest, should also show themselves such in their manner of dress. Such a resolution expresses the necessity of the good example that Catholic woman ought to give; and oh! how grave, how urgent is the duty of repudiating these exaggerations of fashion which, themselves the fruit of the corruption of their designers, contribute in a deplorable degree to the general corruption of manners. We feel it Our duty to insist in a particular manner on this point, because, on the one hand, We know that certain styles of dress which nowadays have become usual among women are harmful to the well-being of society, as being provocative of evil; and on the other hand. We are filled with amazement that those who communicate the poison seem to realize its malignant action, and those who set the house on fire seem to ignore the destructive force of the fire. It is only the supposition of such ignorance which can explain the deplorable extension in our days of a fashion so contrary to that modesty which ought to be the choicest ornament of the Christian woman.’ —The Holy Father on Indecent Fashions.”

Page 19, Our Young People, Volumes 29-30, Copyrighted by St. John’s Institute, April 1919. Published with the approbation of Most Rev. S. G. Messmer, D. D., Archbishop of Milwaukee.

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