Irish Bishops Issued Warnings Against Immodest Fashions

Published in a Catholic Magazine: Page 16, Our Young People, Volumes 29-30, Copyrighted by St. John’s Institute, April 1919. Published with the approbation of Most Rev. S. G. Messmer, D. D., Archbishop of Milwaukee.

Several Irish Bishops have issued warnings against the present extreme fashions in women’s attire. They denounce the new modes as immodest, and offer the suggestion that Irish women could more fitly allow the national spirit to dictate their taste in the matter of fashions. The Bishop of Limerick, Msgr. Hallinan, writes in a letter to the press: “I have seen it stated on what I conceive to be reliable authority that the principle designers of these modern fashions in women’s dress are men, not women; and, furthermore, that they are generally Parisian Jews or Freemasons, who are bitterly opposed to Christianity and seek, among other means, to uproot it by the introduction into Christian society of these dangerous and indecent dresses.”

Photo: Msgr. Denis Hallinan

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