Rev. John W. Shaw,”We Are Deeply Concerned with the Morals of Dress”

“‘While we are neither presumptuous nor foolish enough to discuss ‘colors, forms and fashions,’ yet we are deeply concerned with the morals of dress in the interest of Christian purity and modesty. The present shocking disregard in modern female attire for the elementary principles of ordinary decency is simply appalling. It is a question whether a licentious woman of the degenerate Roman Empire surpassed her modern society sister in her immodesty of dress. To say nothing from an economic stand point of the large sums expended foolishly for the gratification of female vanity, ‘to be dressed up and built up and masqueraded’ only to be looked at, the disgusting realism of the modern fashions is fast extinguishing in the hearts of all noble-minded men that spirit of reverence and chivalry which regarded the women of other days as something almost mystic and vine.” It must have been humiliating “to the painted and wanton beauties of modern society to read not long ago in a daily paper that their grotesque and shameless fashions originate in the minds of their fallen sisters in a prominent European capital,’ Archbishop Shaw declared. Catholic women, and especially Catholic mothers, were reminded by the Archbishop of the danger of incurring responsibility for them selves and others by disregarding the canons of Christian modesty.”

Page 18, Our Young People, Volumes 29-30, Copyrighted by St. John’s Institute, April 1919. Published with the approbation of Most Rev. S. G. Messmer, D. D., Archbishop of Milwaukee.

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