The Old Fashioned Mother – Fr. John McCarthy

An article published in a Catholic Magazine: Page 20, Our Young People, Volumes 29-30, Copyrighted by St. John’s Institute, April 1919. Published with the approbation of Most Rev. S. G. Messmer, D. D., Archbishop of Milwaukee.

The Jesuit father, John McCarthy, who is now giving missions, preaches a sermon on the old-fashioned mother.

She did not long for a career away from home nor refuse to do her duty there. She loved her husband and her children. Her chief ambition was to be her husband’s dearest companion and to rear her sons and daughters to be a credit to the name they bore. She was willing to work early and late, for she toiled for those she loved. The old-fashioned mother was loved in return for the love she gave. Her husband thought the world and all of her, and her children were sure that she was the best, the dearest, the sweetest woman they ever knew. Even when her boys and girls grew up and went away to homes of their own, they came back to her often for ad vice and consolation, encouragement and mother-love. She was a great force for morality. Faith was to her like the breath of life. Virtue was for her the only course. Vice she hated in all its forms. She preached by example how to practice the Christian life. She is not dead, the old-fashioned mother. But under the inroads of irreligion, of Godless education, of new thought, of birth-control, of indecent fashions, of luxury, of materialism, and of the devil of impurity, her number is not what it once was. But she still reigns, where she does exist, the queen of a Christian home.—The Columbian.

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