US Judge Arthur Tuttle: “Immodesty the Most Sinister Influence”

Published in a Catholic Magazine: Page 16, Our Young People, Volumes 29-30, Copyrighted by St. John’s Institute, April 1919. Published with the approbation of Most Rev. S. G. Messmer, D. D., Archbishop of Milwaukee.

“Judge Arthur Tuttle, of the United States district court, said in Detroit: “American morals, the future of our race, are speeding towards destruction because of a growing delinquency among the country’s girl hood, tolerated yes, fostered by unsympathetic and careless mothers and fathers. Modern clothes spell ruination for the young women of today; fashionable immodesty is the greatest menace to our national life; a disappearing institution—the family fireside—must be revived to save the American girl in her ideal form. “As a nation we are losing our home life. The family fireside is a thing of the past, banished by a diversity of interests. It is easily accounted for why the divorce courts are working overtime and white slavery flourishes. I consider our fashionable immodesty the most sinister influence in all our national life and believe it is pulling many girls from the path of righteousness. “For how is it possible for a woman, child though she may be, not to grow calloused to shame when she endures, day after day, open and suggestive stares at her gossamer clad legs, bare knees, bare breasts and face painted so that even Jezebel would not have dared? And for these things I say mothers are responsible.”

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