Our Top Books On Modesty!


I just stumbled open ANOTHER beautiful – looking book on Catholic Modesty! Rhianon over at “mylittledomesticchurch” on Instagram just shared this lovely book that I had never heard of!

The Valiant Maiden’s Crusade: A Catholic Girl’s Guide to Modesty and Purity

Has anyone read this book yet?

The introduction sounds just beautiful!

“This is a guide designed for girls who would like to please Our Lord more and make reparation for those who do not honor Him. Written and complied by two Catholic mothers and the aid of Catholic priests, it includes many beautiful pictures, teachings of Holy Mother Church, and quotes from saints and popes as well as examples from their lives. All these are lovingly included in this book so that it will hopefully help aid you on your journey towards greater sanctity.”

I love this so much!!

So far, here are our favorite books on Catholic Modesty!

Click on the images to purchase.

OURS of course haha

Also check out our full list of recommended reads!

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