Catholic Modesty: All About PANTS

Here is a compilation of what we’ve posted about pants, specifically women wearing them, as well as the question, “If women wear pants, why shouldn’t men wear skirts?”.

Our Video On The Subject:


Men In Skirts: Historical or Homosexual?

Is It “Immodest” For Women To Wear Pants?

Pinterest Board: “How To Wear Pants” / Modest Pants.

We also have an entire chapter in our book that is dedicated to the various questions on the subject of women wearing pants, (Feminism, Freemasonry and The Persistence of the Church – Chapter Four) that include the titles, “Women’s Pants & Feminism,” “Women Wearing Pants: Are We Asking The Right Questions?”, “Dresses & Pants: The Homosexual / Transgender Movement and Blurring Gender Lines,” “Men In Skirts: Historical or Homosexual?”, and “‘Modest pants’ and the Catholic mom of Good Will.” And we have SO MANY footnotes and sources backing up all of our claims!

Here is a sneak peek at each of the sections:

Women’s Pants & Feminism:

  1. Deuteronomy 22:5, context is crucial. Has the Church clearly repeated this verse? Or is it just cultural?
  2. “Trousers” not menswear in most cultures – “robes” were more the fashion, yet there were still clear distinctions between the two genders in clothing.
  3. In the WEST it was feminism that popularized trousers for women.
  4. The last line of the section: “And the earliest accounts of women who dressed in men’s clothing (some examples seen in our timeline in this chapter) were, for the most part, lesbians. This interesting connection between feminism, lesbianism, and pants is so widespread that it would be an error to ignore it.

Women Wearing Pants: Are We Asking The Right Questions?

  1. Is it an intrinsic evil for women to wear pants, according to the Catholic Church, and Church Tradition? What is an intrinsic evil?
  2. Pants should be the last thing we Catholics bicker about (we shouldn’t be bickering or attacking each other in the first place to be honest!)
  3. A Pope speaking on pants!? Pope Nicholas I responds to the Bulgar women wearing pants.
  4. Skin-tight pants are improper without proper covering, because they do not even hide our private parts. (note also, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994, “2521 Purity requires modesty, an integral part of temperance. Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It is ordered to chastity to whose sensitivity it bears witness. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity.

Dresses & Pants: The Homosexual / Transgender Movement and Blurring Gender Lines:

  1. Cardinal Siri on pants.
  2. “Wearing the pants” vs literally “wearing pants”.
  3. “Why can’t boys dress like little girls if little girls can dress like little boys?”
  4. Liberal Feminists raving about how pants on women was the first step and that “Not until men can just as freely put on chiffon dresses as women could put on trousers, can we say that we have figured it out.”
  5. Radical Liberals and the “gender fluid”garbage in society today.
  6. Chesterton on the skirt meaning female dignity.
  7. Last lines of the section:

This leads us to wonder if letting little boys dress up in little girl clothing is OK. After all, if girls dress up as boys, what is the difference? And then, if girls dress in pants, why shouldn’t boys dress in skirts and dresses?

We need to unpack this because of the weight of this statement and what it entails. For it seems that history and even the Church looks to be approving of men wearing “skirts and dresses” of some kind, and yet those who promote “cross-dressing” today are for the most part radical, anti-God, “LGBT” leftists.

Men In Skirts: Historical or Homosexual? You can read this part in its entirety on our website!

“Modest pants” and the Catholic mom of Good Will:

  1. Review of what we have so far determined concerning pants and the view of the Catholic church concerning pants.
  2. Vanity is a serious sin.
  3. We cannot and should not make it our duty or life’s work to shame women who may not know better. Only God knows the hearts of man.
  4. The Church on the seriousness of modesty and immodesty, especially in Church, in detailed accounts.
  5. For pants to be modest.
  6. On wearing pants and embracing our God-given femininity.
  7. Last line: “If we, as individual Christians, choose to, we can begin to reverse the damage done in society by just becoming who God meant for us to be.”

This is just one of the chapters in our book the dives deep into pretty much every single question about Catholic Modesty. Feel free to check out our book and read it in its entirety!! Then let us know what you thought and send us a review and we will post it on our blog.

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