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Cardinal Sbarretti Sabine: “Often when the occasion arose, the Pope disapproved and condemned severely indecent modes (fashions) introduced everywhere today in the clothing habits of women and girls even Catholic; not only these modes gravely offend the dignity and feminine grace, but unfortunately cause temporal damage for the woman and, what is worse,
his eternal loss and others
.” (Acts of Pope Pius XI , Volume 6, House of the Good Press, Paris, 1934, p. 351-356.)

Rome Vicariate Raffaele Monaco La Valletta wrote an instruction to all
Catholic ladies on proper “modesty in dress and decorum.”

Cardinal Louis-Ernest Dubois spoke of a letter that “was read from the pulpit in every church in the diocese, the following warning of the new archbishop of Paris, ‘against indecent modes and unseemly dances.’” quoting, “We urge our diocesan react against the opposing modes to
Christian decency.”

Cardinal Louis-Henri-Joseph Luçon J.C.D. S.T.D. issued a letter repeating the call for
modesty at Mass, prohibiting women with cleavage (décolletage) and sleeveless
dresses from Holy Communion.

Cardinal-Vicar of Pope Pius XI, Cardinal Basilio Pompili issues
Guidelines for Mass. Summarized as, “Shoulders & knees covered, no cleavage,
nothing tight, clingy or sheer.”

Cardinal Félix-Raymond-Marie Rouleau, OP, wrote “We hope that all the girls and women of our diocese will be a duty to comply with these provisions and to set an example of Christian modesty with the submission to the will of the Vicar of Jesus Christ. It goes without saying that sanctions brought by the Sacred Congregation must be applied with equal prudence and firmness , to stop
immediately and as effectively as possible the scourge of immodesty.” Explicitly citing Basilio Pompili’s address on Modesty from 1928 “In order to determine precisely what is to be considered what is appropriate, (or) improper attire to be worn by the person assisting at Mass.”

Cardinal Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve, wrote reminding “the faithful of the grave obligation to protect Christian morals among us…It goes without saying that all Christians should fight against the invasion of suggestive modes and immoral liberties. It should be noted that clothes called shorts are not admitted by Christian decency even for places of amusement…” adding that
women with sleeveless, low-cut tops and short skirts “must put on a coat before crossing the threshold of our temples.” He also wrote an article titled, “Carelessness and immodesty of dress leads to impurity”

Cardinal Ciriaci, Prefect of the SC of the Council to bishops around the world, in the name and by mandate of Pope Pius XII. “It has come to the point that everything that happens or is exhibited in private life or in public, actually depravity or of dishonesty , is narrated brazenly in the newspapers, publications and magazines of all kinds ; while in the countless theaters that are exposed for all to see on the screen; so that not only the weak and carefree youth, but middle age itself are deeply impressed by these immoral shows , bad for healthy minds.”

Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, “Notification Concerning Women Wearing Men’s Clothing”.

Enrique Cardinal Pla Y Daniel wrote in his Pastoral Letter in 1959, “A
special danger to morals is represented by public bathing at beaches, in pools, and

Cardinal Raymond Burke, while he held the office as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, stated
this: “The wearing of a chapel veil for women is not required when women assist at the
Holy Mass according to the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. It is, however, the
expectation that women who assist at the Mass according to the Extraordinary
Form cover their heads…It is not, however, a sin to participate in the Holy Mass
according to the Extraordinary Form without a veil.”

Cardinal Monaco La Valletta published instructions concerning Catholic ladies and the Mass saying, “That they have great care of modesty and decency in their dress.”

Cardinal Léon-Adolphe Amette issued a letter condemning immodesty and warning his faithful, especially quoting Pope Benedict XV, “On several occasions We have reminded Christian women and girls of their duty to refrain from indecent fashions and inappropriate dances. We regret to be obliged to renew Our warnings and Our defenses on this double object. The Sovereign Pontiff gives us an example. Speaking recently to Catholic women in Italy, His Holiness Benedict XV emphatically insisted on the obligation of a Christian woman “to prove her honesty by the way of dressing”. “Born of the corruption of those who run them,” he said, “improper
toilets (fashions) are a fatal provocation to evil.”
” And he condemned “this excess which consists in wearing an indecent dress even in the holy place”. We make our own these words of the
Holy Father and We conjure Our diocesan women to react against the fashions opposed
to Christian decency.”
(Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Sulpice, 15th year, n°3, 25 December 1919, p. 38-39.)


Canadian Bishops 1946, ” Man himself does not escape from the inclination of exhibiting his flesh: some go in public, stripped to the waist, or in very tight pants or in very scanty bathing
suits. They thus commit offenses against the virtue of modesty. They may also be
an occasion of sin (in thought or desire) for our neighbor.”(27 Bishops in all signed this letter.)

Bishop Fulton Sheen, “love of nudity” is one of three characteristics he notes in the diabolic.

Bishop Msgr. Hallinan, writes in a letter to the press: “I have seen it stated on what I conceive to be reliable authority that the principle designers of these modern fashions in women’s dress are men, not women; and, furthermore, that they are generally Parisian Jews or Freemasons, who are bitterly opposed to Christianity and seek, among other means, to uproot it by the introduction into Christian society of these dangerous and indecent dresses.”

Archbishop Rev. John W. Shaw wrote article, ”We Are Deeply Concerned with
the Morals of Dress”

Bishop Quillet and Mgr Marnas publish a warning in “La Croix” citing also Bishop François-Xavier Schoepfer — “Indecency is more and more characterized by a fashion of removing sleeves and showing more cleavage (décolletage), the brazenness with which some people come to church in unbecoming attire,even daring to approach to Holy Table obliges us priests to publish this warning…”

The Bishops of Belgium issued a serious call concerning indecent fashions, quoting, “People who are not well dressed are asked not to approach the Communion rail.”

Bishop Marius Besson ordered a letter to be read at all Masses in churches and chapels of the diocese, decrying the scandal of immodest fashions, “especially in the city, has taken outrageous proportions…. (of) The faithful, and especially mothers,” He also wrote much about modesty, calling it a scandal.

Archbishop Albert G. Meyer, Pastoral Letter on Decency and Modesty.

Bishop Robert Vasa wrote an essay in, “the Catholic Sentinel” June 30,
titled, “Dress, Demeanor, Discipline Show how We Value Holy Mass.”

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement titled, “Happy Are Those Who Are Called To His Supper: On Preparing to Receive Christ Worthily in the Eucharist”, in the statement is this portion on dressing well for Holy Mass; “Appropriate attire — We should also come to the sacred liturgy appropriately dressed. As Christians we should dress in a modest
manner, wearing clothes that reflect our reverence for God and that manifest our respect for the dignity of the liturgy and for one another.”

Bishop John W. Yanta wrote specifically about modesty in dress, in his
article, “Modesty Starts with Purification of the Heart”.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki spoke on dressing modestly in his video, “Showing
proper dignity when attending supper of the Lamb”

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), reminded churchgoers
to dress properly. “It’s important to realize that this is a church. We have all the
time to go to the beach but this is a sacred place so people should dress decently.
(…) I think that’s common sense already. People should know the proper attire
that they should wear.”

Bishop Albert R. Zuroweste was one of the incorporators of the Marylike Crusade.

Archbishop Fernando Capalla said that “freedom of expression” should not be used as an excuse for some churchgoers who continue to ignore a “dress code” inside the church.

Bishop Nickless wrote an article titled, “We Must Not Settle for the Vice of Immodesty as the Norm”

Archbishop José Guadalupe Martín Rábago “If you have any respect for [a church], dress appropriately. This is not a misogynist attitude of any sort. I am simply asking for the dignity and decorum that this place calls for, that is all.” He added that men, too, need to be respectful in their choice of dress before entering a house of worship.


Father Cornelius Lapide. “Commentary on 1 Corinthians 12”. The Great Biblical Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide.

Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger FSSP. On Modesty.

Father Dave Nix. On Modesty.

Father Francois Xavier Schouppe, S.J. & Father Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, wrote of a damned soul who appeared to a woman saying, “Ah! If Christian women knew how much immodesty in dress displeases God!”

Father Thomas G. Morrow wrote on modesty and noted, “Revealing dress exposes women to objectifications The concept of modesty seems lost even on those who advocate for chastity.”

Father John Lyons, OMV wrote on the steps to take as parents and pastors, concerning modesty in dress. He urges people to print out and post in their parishes.

Father Carota, “Women Modesty and Feminist Ideology”.

Father Dominic Mary, MFVA, homily on modesty.

Msgr. Charles Pope, “Fathers and Daughters – a Missing Key to Modesty Today?” & Modesty at Mass & Adore the Lord in Holy Attire.

Father Bernard Kunkle created the Marylike Crusade.

Father Bob Levis “No one should go to a beach that is loaded with bikinis since they are all immodest”

Fr. William Rock FSSP. Our Lady Breastfeeding // Maria SS. della Lavina: Torrents of Water and Drops of Milk

Fr. Giles, O. P. M. Marion’s Dream

Fr. Antonio Royo Marín, O.P. writes in his book, “The Theology of Christian Perfection” that “One Can Sin against Modesty by Negligence in Dress.”

Fr. John Hardon. “Modesty is always in style.”

Fr Dominic Murphy. Magnificent Modesty of Mary

Monsignor Charles M. Mangan The Forgotten Virtue: Modesty In Dress

Fr. William Casey. Lukewarm Catholicism: Scourge Upon the Church and Ruin of Souls


Br. André Marie. A Few Thoughts on Men’s Dress at Sunday Mass