The Holy Rosary

What is the Rosary?

The Power of the Rosary – article

How to Pray the Rosary

  1. Make the Sign of the Cross and say the “Apostles’ Creed”
  2. Say the “Our Father”
  3. Say three “Hail Marys” for Faith, Hope, and Charity
  4. Say the “Glory Be”
  5. Announce the First Mystery and then say the “Our Father”
  6. Say ten “Hail Marys” while meditating on the Mystery
  7. Say the “Glory Be” (Optional: Say the “O My Jesus” prayer requested by Mary at Fatima)
  8. Announce the Next Mystery; then say the “Our Father” and repeat these steps (6 through 8) as you continue through the remaining Mysteries.
  9. Say the closing prayers: the “Hail Holy Queen” and “Final Prayer”
  10. Make the “Sign of the Cross”

In Latin

WHY the daily rosary?

Our Lady has 117 titles. She selected this title at Fatima:
“I am the Lady of the Rosary”.

St. Francis de Sales said the greatest method of praying
IS – Pray the Rosary.

St. Thomas Aquinas preached 40 straight days in Rome,
Italy on just the Hail Mary.

St. John Vianney, patron of priests, was seldom seen without a rosary in his hand.

“The rosary is the scourge of the devil” – Pope Adrian VI.

“The rosary is a treasure of graces” – Pope Paul V.

Padre Pio the stigmatic priest said: “The rosary is THE WEAPON”

Pope Leo XIII wrote 9 encyclicals on the rosary.

Pope John XXIII spoke 38 times about our Lady and the Rosary. He prayed 15 decades daily.

St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort wrote:
“The rosary is the most powerful weapon to touch the
Heart of Jesus, Our Redeemer, who so loves His Mother.”

If you wish to obtain a favor: –
Pray THE “54-day ROSARY NOVENA”…
Pray 3 nine day rosary novenas – 27 days of petition;
Pray 3 nine day rosary novenas – 27 days of thanksgiving.

Will you give 1% of 1440 minutes each day to God?
If so, pray the daily rosary in 15 minutes – 1% of 24 hours.

Later on, give 3% and pray entire 15 decade rosary.
Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

The History of the Rosary

The Rosary: How to win the Culture War


Need A Rosary? Try One of These!

1. The Combat Rosary

The Combat Rosary is based upon the original pull chain rosary that was commissioned and procured by, believe it or not, the U.S. government and issued by the military, upon request, to soldiers serving in World War I. Some of these rosaries were also seen in WWII. Veterans recognize them as “Service Rosaries.” This Combat Rosary’s use of the Pardon Crucifix, Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict Medal makes it a powerful spiritual assault weapon against evil forces attempting to separate us from the love of God and His will for our lives. While so many rosaries today break easily, the Combat Rosary was made tough to endure.

Combat Rosary® Description

  • This is the “authentic” Combat Rosary® originally designed by Father Richard Heilman, who was inspired to design this Combat Rosary® based on the 1916 WWI US Government military issue pull chain service rosary.
  • Others have, sadly, lifted Father Heilman’s intellectual property by exactly duplicating Father Heilman’s Combat Rosary®, including the name itself.
  • Father Heilman’s “authentic” Combat Rosary® has a greater feel, weight and sturdiness than imitations.
  • Father Heilman designed this Combat Rosary® to use the most powerful of sacramentals by adding the Miraculous Medal, Benedict Medal and Pardon Crucifix, which makes it a powerful spiritual assault weapon against evil forces.
  • The Pontifical Swiss Guard (who guard the Pope) now, daily, carries Father Heilman’s authentic Gun Metal Combat Rosary®, as their official rosary.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary® comes in four colors: Silver, Gold, Bronze and Gun Metal.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary® includes a “Combat Rosary Concealed Carry Card” that is a humorous way to remind us that, as Padre Pio says, this is a mighty weapon against the power of Satan.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary® includes a business card size (for your wallet to have handy to give to a priest) “Exorcism & Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict” and the “Traditional Rosary Blessing.”
  • NOW INCLUDES the new pocket sized Genuine Lambskin Leather Combat Pouch! 
  • All packed in a really cool Spiritual Ammo Tin.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary® is among the strongest rosaries ever created, which includes double split ring connectors.


This online tool allows you to create your own personalized rosary from hundreds of quality componenents, see what it will look like when complete, and then order it assembled or as a kit; you can even e-mail your design to a friend for review. It now includes decorative beadcaps, accent beads and many attractive design options (or you can ‘keep it simple’). 20% discounts are available for orders of ten or more identical kits.

3. Free Rosary

FREE Fatima Centennial Rosary Beads!

This special edition Fatima Centennial Rosary will be your constant companion throughout the Centennial year of 2017….and beyond!

This rosary will be there with you as you follow the simple, yet powerful, advice Our Lady gave at Fatima 100 years ago: “Pray the Rosary.”

Once you receive your FREE rosary, I am sure you will agree with this grateful recipient:

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Free Knotted Rosary

The goal of Rosary Army is to send out one free knotted Rosary to whomever requests one. We Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away. Our hope is that once you receive and start praying with a knotted Rosary, you might be inspired to make them yourself. To help encourage you, every Rosary we give away comes with a printed copy of our instructions as well as a piece of practice twine.

  • I agree to have the Rosary sent to me only, rather than having Rosary Army send the Rosary unsolicited to someone else.
  • I will sign the request form to verify that the Rosary is being sent to me.
  • I agree not to send multiple Rosary requests in multiple envelopes or orders (i.e., “playing the system”). ONLY ONE FREE ROSARY PER SHIPPING ADDRESS.
  • I agree that I will never sell or re-sell any Rosaries I receive from Rosary Army, whether I made a donation to Rosary Army or not.

TO ORDER ONLINE (fastest method):  Though the Rosary itself is free, shipping and handling is not included.  Please allow up to 30 days for processing. If you want an update on your order progress, please email your inquiry to: for an estimated shipping date.

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Please allow up to 6 to 8 weeks for processing.


  1. If I don’t have access to a printer, how can I request my one complimentary rosary? Clearly handwrite your rosary request and mail it to the address above.  Make sure to include your full United States mailing address and contact information.  If you would like additional rosaries for you to distribute to family or friends, please include a minimum tax deductible donation of at least $4.00 in U.S. cash or check made payable to New Evangelizers, Inc. for each rosary being requested.
  2. Can’t I just email Rosary Army my request for a free rosary? Unfortunately, no.  Individual rosary requests must come through either the online ordering system on this page or through a written request sent to the P.O. Box address above.
  3. Can I ask Rosary Army to send a complimentary rosary to or on behalf of someone else? Unfortunately, no.
  4. If I represent a church or religious school inside the United States, can I place a bulk order of rosaries for my organization? If the current inventory can support an order of your size, Rosary Army would be happy to help. Rosary Army has a separate bulk order protocol that is available upon request.  Please send your bulk order inquiry to and include the details of your organization and the event the rosaries are needed for.
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  6. If I am an inmate or prisoner, can I also receive a complimentary rosary? Unfortunately, no. Correctional facilities will not allow our all-twine knotted rosaries into the facility because the physical materials the rosary is made out of can be used in a harmful manner.