What is Catholic Modesty?


In a nutshell, Catholic Modesty is being pure in thought, word, deed and action. This includes refraining from blasphemy or slander (gossip as well), being prudent, not watching filthy movies, avoiding listening to filthy music, practicing custody of the eyes, dressing for the occasion, and dressing modestly. This includes both women and men.

Due to the volume of everything that has to do with Catholic Modesty this website cannot be seen as the one with all the answers. But we do pride ourselves in sharing what we can, when we can of things that we find, that does pertain to the subject.

For a clearer and more helpful explanation, please refer to the video below from Exorcist, Father Chad Ripperger on what Catholic Modesty is.

 Does the Catholic Church have a “dress code” ? Yes and No.

Is it immodest for women to wear pants?

What is the “big deal” about inches when it comes to Modesty??

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