Where to Find Modest Clothing


* = inexpensive options


These are the best places to find skirts!

My favorite is Savers / Value Village – even though I am plus size, I found most of my clothing there!


Being plus size, I find it really difficult to find clothing that actually fit, or doesn’t look like a potato sack. My little sister, who is a size 4, also has trouble finding clothes that she wouldn’t have to add to, to make it modest.

The stores we usually shop at are:

JCPenny, Ocean State Job Lot,

So here are a few tips that we both use,when shopping at regular stores

Too Short?

This is usually what happens to my sister: everything may FIT, but when she tries it on its way too short.


You can either find one you can use at a secondhand store, or you can buy one of these:

DIY options:

2. Low Cut?

Layering tees, mock camis, high lace bralettes, and layering tank tops are your friends ๐Ÿ™‚

Modest Clothing Shops / Shops that have Modest Clothing Available



Modest Swimwear

Maternity, Children, Boys, Plus Size – we have compiled a huge source for y’all!

PIECES – Piecing together your swimsuit? Here are a bunch of pieces for you.

CHILDREN – Having problems finding your little girls a suitable suit? Here are some GREAT ideas!

WHOLE SWIMSUIT IDEAS – Pieced together, a ton of ideas for you!

NURSING/MATERNITY – MODESTY maternity/nursing swimwear!!

BABIES/TODDLERS – Adorable swimsuits for the littles!

MEN/BOYS – Modesty is for men too!

Hope this helps!

Please let me know if this helped anyone out!

Please share if it did ; let’s reach out to all women and men looking for modest and fashionable alternatives to swim in!

Dressing Modestly in the Heat

To see article with photo, click title above.

General Tips

I’ve used mens Hanes White Cotton T-shirts for years during the summer months, I just really loved the material, and they saved me many times. I wore them underneath regular clothing, ones that sometimes are low-cut, or sleeveless otherwise, and the t-shirt just gives a nice, airy cover-up. I had cut the sleeves to my preferred length and also cut the collar off.

BUT, this was before I learned about half-tees (which you can make out of these same t-shirts if you are on a budget). Personally, I still like the coverage of the full t-shirt, just because the shirts I wear in the summer are SO thin they are almost see-through. But half-tees can be extremely helpful for any outfit.

You can probably just make your own Half Tee!

Or maybe you just need cute little blouse button I stumbled upon on Pinterest!

(This is also something you can easily DIY.)

During the summer months avoiding layers IS the best; and thin, loose clothing is key. I buy these tank tops from Walmart and use them as under-t-shirts (they smooth the bra-lines and give me extra confidence when I feel my shirt is too thin). I wear them backward and they give more upper coverage. I also buy them a tad larger, so they are not as tight, the picture below looks way too tight in my honest opinion. But if it’s worn below your clothing it really doesn’t matter, and it’s up to you if you feel comfortable with tighter clothing under there ๐Ÿ™‚

Layering tank tops can also be purchased at the Skirt Outlet; these are actually made for layering and have an even higher neckline than the Walmart tank tops.

Clip on camisoles are something new (to me at least) that one of my best friends told me about; she just wears tops she finds at Walmart (and Thrift Stores), that are thin and comfy, and she uses the clip on underneath. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to work for me because I am plus sized and the clip on didn’t hold tight enough to cover enough area when I bent down and such, but I found that if I wrapped the snaps around the bra strap twice and then snapped it closed, it gives an excellent fit. This is REALLY helpful, especially for those shirts that are perfect except-for-that-drooping-neckline !

Usually, I wear a slip, or a second (white) petticoat-like eyelet skirt underneath my skirts in the cooler months, but during summer the last thing I want to do is wear more than one layer of skirt, so instead of this, and to save my poor chafing legs, I wear these Danskin shorts. They are so far the best hack I have encountered for Summer Modesty. They are great coverage under skirts and keep your legs from rubbing together in the heat. And I can tell you that wearing these shorts is actually a lot less hot than wearing just the skirt.

Also, a great tip is to look for these items not just online but in the stores; especially the Thrift stores (though make sure the shorts look brand new, wouldn’t want an old pair of well-worn shorts that someone else had…). It’s amazing what you can find at thrift stores! I have found many items that have great elasticity and thin-ness that I love, from thrift stores. So, keep that option open. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fabrics such as the maxi skirts I have found to be great in the summer months. One skirt especially, matched with the shorts before mentioned are my number one staple during the really hot and muggy days. It’s wider but feels like you are wearing almost nothing. I love it. I actually found one that looks the exact same on eBay as the one I have, so it gives you a better idea; only mine is almost half shorter and a tad more flared ๐Ÿ™‚

Faded Glory is one of my favorite clothing lines for summer t-shirts. And I have found the t-shirts from Time&Tru from Walmart, with the Walmart tank tops underneath are really comfy. I like to sew the sleeves a bit higher and add some lace whenever I feel like dressing more feminine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Something I’ve done last year as well that was really comfortable was wear a cover-up/shrug over a tank top. Making sure the tank top wasn’t too low cut or showing any bra-straps, I just wore a shirt like this one over it. The tank top wasn’t tight either, so it worked out very well!

You can also find light, thin, summer cardigan shrugs to wear over tank tops as well.

Just don’t forget your clip-on camisole to cover up those dipping necklines ๐Ÿ˜‰


The best fabrics to look out for are:

  • Cotton…
  • Linen..
  • Rayon. …
  • Silk. …
  • Georgette. …
  • Jersey. …
  • Chambray. …
  • Seersucker…

Easy Sewing:

You can add sleeves and a higher neckline very easily! Plus there are other little tricks you can do if you know how to sew! Here are a few ideas!

DIY skirt extender:

DIY flutter sleeve:

DIY T-shirt dress:

DIY easy summer dress:

Dresses & Maternity/Nursing Wear:

If you’ve got either the cash or the sewing know-how OR you’re just really good at finding things in stores & thrift shops, lightweight dresses are the best for summertime. They are my personal favorite; especially if they are of t-shirt material. Plus, they look really cute and feminine. Just don’t forget your bloomers ๐Ÿ˜‰

LatchedMamma.com offers many great nursing clothes! Like this cotton t shirt!

LatchedMama.com sleeveless Shirts like these would go great with lace shrugs or a summer cardigan!

another latchedmama.com find!

Great for nursing mothers! Nursing Half Tee from Amazon!

More great Maternity wear ideas here:



God bless, and remember, it will be hot and muggy whatever you wear, perhaps the heat is God asking for us to do more penance ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where To Find Cheap Swimsuits!?

St. Joseph

So, St. Joseph and my guardian angel are my #1 shopping companions. If, after asking them for help and literally searching for hours and hours and coming up with nothing, its probably for the best. But with that said, God knows our needs and asking your patron Saint and your Guardian angel before putting together a swimsuit or searching for the correct piece at a thrift store, can really help.

Putting everything in God’s hands (after all, this is for His glory is it not?) is my number one tip.

Sew Your Own!

If you are into sewing, (or even if you’re not!) you can try sewing your own bathing suit. There are many patterns for the simple, modest bathing suit. And if you aren’t ready for that yet, you can at least learn to sew modesty panels and/or lengthen board shorts and so on. Sewing is very helpful in the modesty depo if you are interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

Look for Polyester/good swimwear fabric on clearance, and also at $1.99 stores near you ๐Ÿ™‚

Piece by Piece

Piecing a swimsuit together isn’t as disastrous or frustrating as they make it sound. You just need to agree on exactly what you want to do and work on that. Here are a few of my ideas to help you:

You can find these on Amazon or for brand new at Thrift Stores, or even at stores like Old Navy for great prices:

(NOTE bold words are links!)

Swimdress with leggings and half tee

Swim dress with sheer/ish t-shirt over, and leggings.

One piece with sheer/ish t-shirt over and board shorts.

One piece and rash guard & board shorts

Two-piece, board shorts and rash guard

skirted one piece with half tee and leggings

one piece with half tee and board shorts.

one piece with half tee and leggings

High neck skirted swim dress, (sew panel) leggings.

Zippered one piece and board shorts

this tunic with leggings or swim shorts.

this kind of swim dress with leggings and half-tee.

Swim skirt and leggings which you can pair with a bikini top (for support) and rash guard.

another swim skirt with leggings

See more pieces and ideas here: https://www.pinterest.com/catholicmodesty/swimwear/

Extra Tips

Wearing coverups (when you’re not swimming in the pool and such) over your swimsuit, if you are just dipping in the water for a bit or hanging out at the beach is helpful. Here are a few ideas:

See also our Pinterest board with EVEN MORE modest swimsuit ideas!